Hi! I'm Ethan Arterberry.

I'm a young designer and developer, who is heavily interested in language and the web.

Right now, I'm working at Maybulb on Nimble.

I like music, programming, video games, writing, friends, working hard, JavaScript, and arguing/debating with humans who don't take it too personally. I dislike talking about myself, toothpaste, and business talk. I am open to freelance work, so please contact me if you need something done.

Here's some of my major projects.


EssayMaker is a labour of love I've worked on for at least 4 years. I made it to fix the problem of essay organization: a thing everyone needs to know how to do but everyone hates. EssayMaker takes the clunkiness and the pain out of essay organizers and then some. EssayMaker was completed in early 2016.


Sexydown is a speedy code and markup printer for the browser. It's not as fun, exciting or raunchy as it sounds. It's actually extremely nerdy. It can print over 117 languages, syntax highlighted, plus rendered Textile and Markdown. There are tons of features, and I implemented all of them over a month or so.


Nimble is a Wolfram|Alpha® client for your menubar that I'm working on right now at Maybuld. It's built on the wonderfully huge Electron, and is blazingly fast and intuitive thanks to the others who work with me on it. Nimble is a work in progress, and we all work as hard as we can to make awesome.

Now here's some smaller stuff I've made.


HECK: Know Your Weaknesses and TheGame are two "games" I developed to test new things in new programming languages. HECK was developed to test out CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, and some jQuery, while TheGame was developed to learn Microsoft .NET's many cool tricks.


Sentimood was built as a minimal AFINN sentiment analyzer that easily works in the browser, under the fact that there is no other easy to use, free, and open-source sentiment analyzer that I know of written for the browser. Sentimood remains one of my most popular repos on GitHub, and I use it with EssayMaker.


WordADay is a randomized dictionary for your iDevice. I used to work on WordADay at LanguageCraft with the incredibly talented and awesome Lucas Stueber.

WordADay has also been featured on The iMums and KATU News.


I did the design CSS stylesheets for the subreddit /r/dogeinvasion. They include some animations, some Photoshop designs I made, with some other things on top. They were really fun to make, and they were an exercise of CSS.


Broadcast is a small CoffeeScript library (around 38 lines of CoffeeScript) that adds Scratch's broadcasts to the browser. I created it as a way of trying my hand at pseudoclasses and array comprehensions in CoffeeScript/JavaScript.


Khaled.js (or just "khaled") is a small, useless, but nontheless amusing library for JavaScript that randomly generates a DJ Khaled quote. I built it because... well honestly I don't know anymore. It exists though.


Christopher is a code and cipher transcribing library. It can transcribe any base (hex, binary, etc) as well as Morse code, the NATO alphabet, the caesarian shift cipher, the atbash cipher, and letter numbers.


Lily is a command line interface for Last.fm that I made with my great friend Josh Trommel. It was very fun to make, and we made it because we wanted something like it for ourselves.